Home Hazards: Outdoors

Keep fire out of your life by keeping the outside of your home fire safe.

  1. Place portable fire pits on stable, fireproof surfaces, such as concrete, away from combustibles.
  2. Keep your grill away from walls and out from under leaves and overhanging branches.
  3. Keep your grill at least three feet away from your home.
  4. If you live in a place where it snows, remember to keep all exhaust vents from your home clear and shovel out hydrants near your home.
  5. Develop and practice a home evacuation plan .
  6. Make sure every family member knows two ways out of each room in your home.
  7. Practice escaping, staying low to the ground and not opening doors that are hot to the touch.
  8. Assign a family member to assist anyone with a mobility issue.
  9. Choose a place outside your home for all family members to meet. Get out of the home first and then call the fire department from a neighbor’s phone. Make sure everyone knows not to return inside the home.

Living Room Living Room
Bedroom Bedroom
Hallway Hallway
Basement Basement

Did You Know?

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