Protect Your Home

Protect Your Home

Let's work together to make your home fire safe.

A fire smart home is one where everyone does their part to prevent fires and knows just what to do in the event of a fire. Liberty Mutual Insurance wants to work with you to make your home fire safe and fire smart by helping you learn more about home hazards. Let's get started!

Learning could prevent burning.

Why is it important to clean your clothes dryer every one to three years? How far away from the stove should kids and pets be when you’re cooking? These answers as well as some questions you've probably never thought to ask are waiting here for you. There’s even a handy checklist.

Learn more about Home Hazards and how you can protect your home.

Finding the right coverage for your home.

Liberty Mutual Insurance has been working with homeowners to make their homes and their communities safer since 1912. Let us help you find the best Home Insurance policy and coverage options that can help you protect the important things in your life.

Get The Facts

Find out what type of coverage is right for you.    

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Protect Your Home

Learn more about how you can help protect your home and your family.

Fire Safety Tips