Protect Your Family

Being a fire safe family takes teamwork.

A fire smart family knows just what to do in the event of a home fire because they have a plan and know when to use it. We've created these activities and tools to help families make learning about fire safety interactive and fun. You can help your family grow closer together as they grow smarter about fire prevention. How? With these kid-friendly activities.

Where's The Fire? Exhibit

Check out this theme park exhibit designed by Walt Disney Imagineering in cooperation with Liberty Mutual Insurance's fire safety specialists.

Play the Operation Be Fire Smart Game



Fire Escape for Kids

Test your family's fire smarts and enjoy some playful learning tools that help kids feel confident about safety.

Where's the Fire?

Can you spot the fire hazards?

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Protect Your Home

Learn more about how you can help protect your home and your family.

Fire Safety Tips